20 October 2017

11th Ri.MED Foundation Symposium: “Restoration of Vision”

11th Ri.MED Foundation Symposium: “Restoration of Vision”

October 26-27 – 11th Ri.MED Foundation Symposium

Palazzo dell’Informazione, Piazza Mastai 9, 00153 Rome

Recent advances in basic and clinical vision research have made ophthalmology one of the most exciting fields of technological and therapeutic innovations. The Symposium “Restoration of Vision” – jointly organized by The Ri.MED Foundation, The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and School of Medicine, and The Paris-based Institut de la Vision–  aims at gathering together renown academia and industry experts to discuss the breakthroughs in vision restoration therapies. The meeting will overview the latest advances in gene therapy, neuroptotection, visual prostheses and stem cell treatments for currently incurable eye diseases. It will highlight the theoretical advances and emerging practical applications of visual information processing, optic nerve regeneration and corneal transplantation.
Special focus will be given on novel pathophysiological mechanisms and therapeutic targets for age-related macular degeneration.

This event will become a starting point of fruitful collaborations for fostering integrative multidisciplinary research and translating laboratory discoveries into new diagnostic tools, medical devices and therapies for patients.

Institut de la Vision is one of the leading vision research centers in Europe. It brings together researchers, clinicians and industry partners for conception, development and evaluation of innovative strategies for diagnosis and treatment of currently incurable eye diseases. To address the patient needs, the main efforts of the institute are directed toward translation to clinic of emerging therapeutic strategies, including neuroprotection, stem cells, gene therapy, pharmacology and visual prostheses.

The official language of the scientific talks is English.

Attendance is free of charge, but required due to space limitations.

Please, fill out the registration form by October, 24, 2017

Admission will be allowed according to the maximum seating availability of the room.

11th Ri.MED Foundation Symposium program.