23 September 2019

13th Ri.MED Foundation Symposium

13th Ri.MED Foundation Symposium

13th Ri.MED Foundation Symposium “Organ Insufficiency: change it or fix it”

The 13th Ri.MED Scientific Symposium entitled “Organ Insufficiency: change it or fix it”. The event will take place on October 25, 2019 in Palermo, Palazzo Chiaramonte Steri, Piazza Marina, 61. Tissue and organ transplantation have emerged as the treatments of choice for patients with organ insu‑ciency or end-stage organ disease. More than 125,000 patients are transplanted worldwide each year, with kidneys, livers, hearts, lungs, and bone marrows as the leading organs. Despite this remarkable success, many intractable challenges remain. These are the unavailability of su‑cient organ donors, the unrelenting decline and loss of function of transplanted organs due to chronic rejection, the unwanted side eects of immunosuppression, and in the case of bone marrow transplantation, the significant risk of graft-versus-host disease. The first session of this timely Ri.MED symposium will provide a succinct update on the newest conditioning strategies that are being tested in transplant patients for the purposes of improving long-term graft function and survival while simultaneously reducing the burdens of immunosuppression and graft-versus-host disease. Special emphasis is placed on emerging and exciting cell therapies, the “living drugs” of the future, and on the intersection between stem cell transplantation and solid organ transplantation. The second session of the symposium will explore some of the most advanced techniques and successful experiences of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine being translated to the clinic to repair and replace damaged tissues. Discussion will focus on cell-based therapies used in patients, the hurdles that had to be overcome, the role of the immune system in the growth and integration of engineered tissues, and the opportunities oered by the rapid developments in biofabrication and 3D printing.

Attendance is free, but admission is allowed according to maximum sitting availability of the room.

Please confirm your attendance filling out the registration form by October 18, 2019.

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