Company Datas


Registered offices: UPMC Italy, Discesa dei Giudici, 4 – 90133 Palermo, Italy
Share capital: € 500, 000.00
Fiscal Code/Vat number and Register of Companies registration n. 04532690825 REA: 201817
Subject to management and coordination of UPMC Overseas Inc. under art. 2497 bis c.c.


The Supervisory Body has the task to verify the operations of, and compliance with the Organization, Management, and Control Model adopted by UPMC Italy S.r.l.  for the purpose of preventing offenses. The Model allows anybody becoming aware of information relating to offenses or facts and/or behaviors not compliant with the rules of conduct set forth in this law, to spontaneously report these to the Supervisory Body at or at the following address:

UPMC Italy S.r.l. – ODV
Casella Postale n. 4
Ufficio Postale Palermo 3
Via Rocco Pirri, 26
90123 – Palermo (Italy)

The UPMC Italy Supervisory Body is composed of:

Andrea Sgrignani

Tracey Beiriger
Alessio Greco
Barbara Ragonese