16 November 2016

ISMETT awarded the Innovazione S@lute2016 prize

ISMETT awarded the Innovazione S@lute2016 prize

The Mediterranean Institute for Transplantation and Advanced Specialized Therapies (ISMETT-IRCCS) is the winner of the award Innovazione S@lute2016 (Innovation in Health Care 2016). The award celebrates excellence of clinical innovation in Italy. ISMETT won in the administrative/management category with Budget Flex, a tool designed to assess the appropriateness of the expenditure for medical and surgical supplies.

Budget Flex is part of a resource monitoring system created by Astrid Pietrosi, Director, ISMETT Planning and Management Control, and is currently utilized at ISMETT-IRCCS.

Medical and surgical supplies are a cost item that calls for special attention, as pointed out by ANAC, the Italian national anti-corruption authority. Budget Flex enables to allocate resources to the various units in a controlled manner, consistently with the tasks planned or performed. It also allows to monitor in detail how resources are used in every single patient hospital stay. Budget Flex reviews consumption patterns to ensure appropriateness, effectiveness, and efficiency of resources, first and foremost for the benefit of patients. This is a monitoring system that can be adapted to all Italian NHS hospitals and that will eventually make hospitals accountable, leading them to continuous improvement with no space for potential unethical actions.

“Our analysis model allows to quickly retrieve key information to manage a dynamic system subject to sudden changes due to multiple urgent admissions and to the complexity of patients and procedures, that requires continuous planning of tasks in compliance with the allocated funds and the need to rapidly readjust the budget to the clinical specialties according to the new production,” said Ms. Pietrosi.

ISMETT received the award during the S@lute 2016 Forum, the first major Italian event dedicated to the health care of the future and its innovative transformation. The event took place a few days ago in Milan.