22 April 2019



You are living and studying in Rome, can you tell us something about your experience?
I am currently living in Rome and studying in a Laurea Magistrale program for Modern Languages at Roma Tre University.

Recently you injury your leg while skiing in Abruzzo (which skiing area?), what happened?
I went skiing with a group of friends in Ovindoli, in Abruzzo. About half way through the day we came upon a slope that was full of ice and rocks. Halfway down the slope I lost control and fell, doing a split in the process! We had to call for help and I was taken away in an ambulance to the ER in Abruzzo.

After you went to the ER in Abruzzo what you did? Who did you call?
After the preliminary checks in the ER in Abruzzo (x-ray, cat scan, blood tests, etc.), I was told to get an MRI as well. On my way back to Rome, I called Dr. Andrea Guerriero to see if I could get an MRI the following day. He suggested that I head directly to UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital that night as there could be internal bleeding. They welcomed me that night and set up my MRI for the following morning.

Is MedinAction the agency your university suggested, or how did you already know about them?
I had met Dr. Andrea Guerriero through a group of expats in Rome and have been using his house call medical service whenever I need a medical visit! It is such a great service because there is always someone available to help you and the doctors are reliable and passionate about their jobs. I cannot recommend the service highly enough to the international community!

You were hospitalized at UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital: please tell us something about your overall patient experience?
My experience in UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital could not have been more comfortable. I was treated very well both by the nurses and by the doctors and had a very nice private room. Everyone that I interacted with was kind, caring, competent and genuinely interested in my well-being.

What is your connection with UPMC in Pittsburgh?
My brother works for UPMC in Pittsburgh and was very relieved to hear that I was in a UPMC affiliate here in Rome!

Would you suggest UPMC to other International patients residing in Italy?
I would highly recommend UPMC and Salvator Mundi International Hospital to any foreigner living in Rome. The care was excellent, I almost felt as if I were home!