29 April 2016

Ri.MED Foundation: Scientific collaboration agreement with Roma Tre University signed

Ri.MED Foundation: Scientific collaboration agreement with Roma Tre University signed

In April, the Ri.MED Foundation signed a scientific collaboration agreeement with the Roma Tre University. The goal of the agreement is to promote training and research, and share resources and laboratories with the University.

The agreement was signed in Rome at the Roma Tre University in the presence of Mario Panizza, Dean of Roma Tre University, Paolo Visca, Professor of General Microbiology, Sandra Moreno, Professor of Developmental Biology, Luca Aversano, Professor of DAMS, Bruno Gridelli, Vice President of the Ri.MED Foundation, Laura Raimondo, Managing Director of UPMC Italy, and Alessandro Padova, Director General of the Ri.MED Foundation.

The Foundation has already signed agreements with other institutions in the field, thus creating a broad network of collaborations. To date, there are 11 active partnerships with some of the main institutions in the field of biotechnologies at national and international levels. These agreements focus on the development of technological innovations, the promotion of research, and the sharing of resources and laboratories. In addition to the commitment to realizing the Biomedical Research and Biotechnology Center, the Foundation has always focused collaborative research programs, education, and dissemination of scientific knowledge.
The agreement with Roma Tre University is a perfect example of this network of collaborations, thus strengthening the role of the Ri.MED Foundation as a provider of education, and will create new opportunities for growth and development for young Italian researchers.

This agreement provides for new opportunities to develop and exchange research programs, fellowships, residencies and internships in areas such as clinical engineering, microbiology and virology, computational biology, imaging, biomedical devices, and neurosciences.