11 May 2018

SMIH|UPMC: agreement with OAW and opening of new departments

SMIH|UPMC: agreement with OAW and opening of new departments

On May 10 Salvator Mundi International Hospital (SMIH) | UPMC signed an agreement with is the network of the leading international medical travel agency Operations Abroad Worldwide (OAW) to admit UK patients in Rome. OAW serves UK patients, who travel abroad to receive immediate and high-quality specialist medical care in state-of-the-art facilities, equipped with staff and physicians speaking Italian and English.

“Present in 40 countries, our mission is to provide patients with world-class medical care in the world’s finest hospitals, within as short a timescale as possible, with a dedicated focus on providing highly personalized levels of patient care,” said Ruth H. Taylor, CEO of OAW. Italy, she noted, ranks first in Europe and second in the world for the quality of its healthcare system. “We provide access to surgical and rehabilitation treatments to UK patients needing high-quality medical care, without having to endure our long NHS waiting list. Patients will also have access to innovative and minimally invasive treatments that are not readily available in the UK. English patients will be offered a fixed-price Total Care Package that includes full medical assistance: diagnosis, surgery, rehabilitation, and a 12-month aftercare insurance,” added Taylor.

The signing of the agreement was attended by Michele Casciani, Managing Director for SMIH | UPMC, Giovanni Vizzini, Medical Director for SMIH | UPMC and Director of Clinical Activities for UPMC Italy, Remo Orsetti, Supervisor of the ICU, Cesare Greco, Cardiology Coordinator, and other experts in hemodynamic and interventional radiology. SMIH | UPMC is extending its renovation and development plan, and today will also inaugurate new departments: a 6-bed ICU, Hybrid Cath Lab, and Interventional Radiology. The new units are proof of the hospital’s commitment to clinical excellence and safety.

The hospital in recent years has doubled its patient volume, providing medical care to thousands every year. SMIH | UPMC functions as a general hospital, offering services that include advanced medical and surgical oncology, orthopaedics, neurosurgery, general and thoracic surgery, urology and gynecology, and, with the opening of the recent units, interventional radiology and hemodynamics. “Our hospital is geared towards patients, to assess their needs and scheduling consults with physicians, in line with the principles of the Clinical Concierge. This is a system that allows patients lacking a physician whom they fully trust to find the best option, without fear of mistake, and to rely on an organization that strives to satisfy his or her needs, both implicit and explicit,” said Casciani.

“SMIH | UPMC is also active in research, innovation, and clinical education thanks to its connections with international academic networks, first and foremost UPMC in Pittsburgh,” said Vizzini. “UPMC’s presence at SMIH represents the committed effort to develop clinical areas, ensure access to specialized medical services, and develop research projects. UPMC Italy operates in various Italian regions, including IRCCS ISMETT in Palermo, the transplant center managed by UPMC since 1997. The same clinical know-how and excellence achieved there are in line with the goals of the agreement we signed today.”