4 October 2017

UPMC: 5th symposium on Radiotherapy

UPMC: 5th symposium on Radiotherapy

The 5th annual symposium of UPMC, entitled “STEREOTACTIC RADIOTHERAPY” will take place on October 12-13, 2017 in the premises of the Chamber of Commerce in Rome (Sala del Tempio di Adriano).  The event is free and accredited on Agenas for the provision of 14,3 CME credits.

The UPMC Symposium aims to foster a debate among stakeholders on the application and the results of stereotactic treatments for neoplastic diseases in different body districts, and for palliative therapies.

The two-day program will focus, the first day, on intracranial radiosurgery and stereotactic radiotherapy techniques for the treatment of five different diseases (meningioma, head and neck cancer recurrence, post-surgical macroscopic prostate recurrence, low/intermediate risk prostate tumor, locally advanced pancreatic cancer), and for palliations of metastatic cancer diseases, the second day. A multidisciplinary team of radiotherapists, interventional radiologists and surgeons will participate in each session and will discuss the different approaches applied to real clinical cases. The discussion will focus on whether radiosurgery should be used, and on the possible dose and fraction convergence used. The event is endorsed by ESTRO (European Society for Radiology and Oncology) and AIRO (Italian Association for  Oncology Radiotherapy) and is supported by BrainlabEL.SEFerring Farmaceutici, GE HealthcareIpsen, Janssen Oncology and Varian.


100 professionals in the following professions and disciplines:

  • Physicians: Gastroenterology; Geriatrics; Pulmonology; Internal Medicine; Neurology; Oncology; Radiotherapy; General Surgery; Thoracic Surgery; Neurosurgery; Urology; Nuclear Medicine; Neuroradiology; Radiology; General Medicine (general practitioners)
  • Nurses
  • Medical Physicists
  • Radiology Technicians

Download the symposium program.

REGISTRATION: this form must be completed, signed and sent by email to: upmc2017sanpietro@gmail.com or by fax to +39 06 6861592.