6 February 2017

Workshop UPMC Institute for Health: personalized medicine and prevention

Workshop UPMC Institute for Health: personalized medicine and prevention

The workshop “Personalized Medicine and Prevention: Risk Reduction as a Clinical and Societal Goal” will take place at the UPMC Institute for Health Chianciano Terme on Saturday February 18, 2017. The event, endorsed by the Municipality of Chianciano Terme, Coop Medici 2000Ordine dei Medici Chirurghi e degli Odontoiatri di Siena, and Terme di Chianciano, will be a unique opportunity to discuss primary and secondary prevention from a clinical and social standpoint.

Despite the improved quality of patient care and the introduction of new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, heart and liver diseases and metabolic disorders in general, continue to have a considerable negative impact on the health of patients. Prevention is a key weapon in the battle to sustain and improve overall health and quality of life. A strategy of combined primary and secondary prevention, with close collaboration between the patient population and health care networks can help to achieve tangible and important goals.  Prevention involves diagnostic tests to assess our health, and adopting a healthy lifestyle, a correct diet and physical activity. Part of the workshop will in fact focus on the crucial role and benefits of exercise for body and mind. The objective of this event is to highlight the importance of both primary and secondary prevention, to identify organizational models that can support the individual in his/her prevention process, and to encourage a close relationship between professionals and the health care network supporting the patient.

The official language of the Workshop is Italian. For more info about registration, please visit the Italian version of the website.

Download the preliminary program of the Workshop.